The main objective of the provision of social services is to enable the person (family) to develop or strengthen the ability and ability to independently solve their social problems, to maintain contact with the community, to help overcome social exclusion. For this purpose, in 2007 February 22 The Municipal Budget Office Kaunas District Social Services Center started its activities.


Kaunas District Social Services Center consists of:

  • Social Services Division;
  • Family Welfare Division;
  • Department of Crisis Center;
  • Section of the Day Social Care Center.

Kaunas District Social Services Center performs the following functions:

  • organizes and provides psychosocial, nursing, physiotherapy services;
  • provide information and advice on the provision of services;
  • develops and implements social service programs and projects;
  • carries out methodological work of social work.

Social assistance is provided:

  • elderly people;
  • adults and children with disabilities;
  • socially-friendly families (individuals).


Kaunas District Social Services Center in its activities encourages the organization community to include recipients of services together to make decisions, to seek change. The organization seeks to create an effective help system in the Kaunas district, to develop services provided, to ensure the availability of social services to a person (family) as close as possible to his or her place of residence.

Social Services Division

The purpose of the social services division is to provide social assistance to elderly people, people with disabilities, families, and other persons living in Kaunas district, in order to help them solve social problems, reduce social exclusion.

Services provided by the Social Services Department:

  • Special transport service for people with disabilities and persons with movement problems that can not be used for public or individual transport (for the transport of persons with reduced mobility) due to illness or health disorders.
  • Shower and laundry services for single seniors, adults with disabilities and others temporarily deprived of their independence.
    Assistance to single, elderly, disabled people and their families until 10:00. per week, according to the established need for social services. Assistance is provided in the field of home care, medical treatment, food, medicine, etc.
  • Day care at home is provided to disabled children, adults and elderly people with severe disabilities, in order to enable a person with severe disabilities to live independently in his home for the longest time, to strengthen his abilities and independence, to provide his social and nursing care services, and family members to facilitate patient care. Social care is combined with physiotherapy, nursing and psychologist services.
  • Provision of technical support equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, rods, functional beds, etc.). The main objective of the activity is to provide the disabled people of Kaunas region with technical assistance measures to meet their special needs. The proper use of technical assistance measures increases the accessibility of the physical and social environment of people with disabilities, which in turn promotes greater integration of the disabled and their family members into society.
    Health and physical therapy services;
  • The organization of socio-cultural employment is an activity aimed at the cultural and social activities of people with disabilities. Socio-cultural activities include leisure activities, trips, events, celebrations, seminars. SBU Kaunas District Social Services Center contains lectures and workshops conducted,
    Assessment of the person’s ability to take care of himself / herself and to make everyday decisions.

SBĮ Kaunas District Social Services Center
Social Services Division
Lake g. 23, 47166 Kaunas
Tel. (+370 37) 328195
Fax (8 37) 384989


Family welfare department

The family is the heat flowing in each of our hearts, this is the first institution where the child’s socialization takes place, in which new members of society are raised, raised. And what if the family is disturbing and does not function as it should? The answer to this question is the mission of the Family Welfare Division and the goal is to help the families of Kaunas District, when the most needed help is needed.
The Family Welfare Division operates the Family Assistance Office and the Child Day Center, which provides social care services for families.

Family support tasks:

  • To develop and strengthen the family’s ability to care for children, to solve family problems independently and to perform other functions required in social or personal (family) life;
  • Reduce family social exclusion;
  • Provide professional social services to the family and the children growing up there to protect the child and preserve his family.

The specialists assess the need for family social services, make an action plan – a package of services that is most appropriate for a particular family and necessary to ensure the safety of children, the quality of family functioning and well-being.
The goal is to empower families: improving socialization, self-development, community.

Tasks of the Children’s Day Center:

  • To educate young people who are ready and able to live in social, community and socio-cultural life.
  • Teach your own independent life skills.
  • To create conditions for improving the socialization of children.
  • Facilitate parents’ burden of parental burden during the crisis.

SBĮ Kaunas District Social Services Center
Family welfare department
Neries 16, Domeikava, Kauno r. sav.
Tel. (8-37) 477268
Fax (8-37) 477268


Crisis Center

The goal of the crisis center is to improve and extend the social services provided in the Kaunas district to families in crisis, women, women with children who have suffered violence and violence, have been excluded from their families, lost their place of residence, income to meet the essential needs.

In the Crisis Center Kaunas District residents who are in a crisis situation can:

  • call 24 hours a day, all year round;
  • receive social worker, psychologist (individual, couples, families) consultations;
  • attend parental skills support program;
  • get a temporary fattening service for 24 hours. Daily up to 3 nights (only for women,women with children);
  • get accommodation service up to 6 months per year (only for women, women with children).
SBĮ Kaunas District Social Services Center
Department of Crisis Center
Vytauto g. 68, Garliava, Kauno r.
Tel. (8-37) 551241


Day care center

The day’s social care center is aimed at disabled children aged 7 to 18 living in Kaunas district and their families. The center aims to help families raising children with special needs, discover their strengths, go beyond the limits of disability, reveal their abilities and share them with the environment.
The Day’s Social Care Center provides comprehensive social assistance that strengthens the autonomy of children with disabilities and develops their physical and mental abilities.

During the day, activities are organized for children, consisting of:

  • leisure organization
  • psychological help
  • organization of individual educational activities,
  • the development and maintenance of daily life and work skills,
  • health services (community nursing, physiotherapy),
  • other services required for the child according to his / her degree of autonomy.
Family Services:

  • mutual assistance groups
  • specialist consultation
  • socio-cultural events.
Lake g. 23, 47166 Kaunas
Tel. (+370 37) 328196
Fax (8 37) 384989
El. mail: dienascentras@kaunorspc.lt


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